Black Hat Seo techniques will ensure that your site gets tanked. This is because these SEO approaches will only worsen your Google ranking.

  1. Keyword stuffing – You cannot just stuff your website with keywords without thinking about the consequences and expect to get away with it. The site’s content should read well. This augurs well for your for two reasons. Firstly, your audience actually enjoys reading the content on your site. Secondly, Google will also not penalize you for overusing the same keyword or its derivatives.
  2.  Cloaking – Similar to keyword stuffing, it is basically a method by which one submits different content to the search engine from that which can be accessed on the user’s site. Google will not take such deception lightly, that’s for sure!
  3. Buying links – Link exchange or the practice of buying links for cheap is also considered to be an unethical marketing strategy. Google has webmaster guidelines which should actually help you save your time and money while doing SEO, as link exchange tactics simply won’t work, thanks to Google algorithms which discourage such activity.
  4. Article spinning – It’s true that there are several tools available online that can help churn out “unique” articles from content that is already available on the internet. However, such automation techniques are not going to pay off. It is better to get your content written by experienced writers.
  5. Duplication – This is probably the worst of the black hat SEO techniques imaginable. Plagiarized content will only decrease the overall rankings of your site.
  6. Spam comments – Think you can gain a lot from spamming various sites by posting irrelevant comments from your blog post? You are dead wrong.