If you are a digital marketing professional, you know that you cannot keep your feet dry. With the world going gaga over all things digital, it is difficult not to miss out on important developments. How to stay relevant while also maintaining the work-life balance?

  1. Create a stream on Twitter – Use the hashtags that are most suitable for you. For instance, if you want to keep a tab on the latest in the world of social media marketing, then it makes sense to have Twitter stream with tags like #socialmarketing, #socialtrends and so on. You also have the option of saving your searches.

2. Follow leaders in the field – Once again, the stream generated on Twitter can help you find the most influential people (you probably know them already). What they share is definitely useful information. With the internet flooded with information, this is one great way of filtering the useful from the trash.

3. Look out for listicles – There are quite a few cool sites that offer lists, presented in the form of lists or infographics or slides. Techcrunch, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot, LinkedIn are among the most popular sites for this purpose. Subscribing to their blogs or newsletters is a healthy habit for any digital marketer.

4. Join groups on LinkedIn – LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most powerful professional networking platforms. Social media and digital marketing related groups on LinkedIn will be a good place to know what is trending.

5. Maintain a content calendar – One of the great advantages of being constantly hooked to social media is that you can remain abreast of the latest every second. However, organizing the information you get and utilizing it needs a strategy. HubSpot has come out with its cool new template for maintaining a social media calendar.

6. Google Alerts – Creating periodical alerts from the top search engine in the world will certainly help. However, make sure you don’t include too many alerts so that you don’t get overwhelmed with information.

7. Setting up an IFFT – It stands for “If this, then that”. These are tricks that allow to create links between content delivery and apps. Some of the coolest recipes include automatically saving the first link you like in a Tweet to Pocket, creating a search on Twitter and getting daily email with the results.

8. ┬áIdeate over favorite coffee brew – Chat with your colleagues or peers over coffee and let your imagination grow wings. You never know when that apple will fall on your head!